Suzy’s Story

Where It All Began

It seems that every pursuit in my life – my upbringing, my education, my sporting career, my relationships, my travels, have all lead me to this place. What I have learnt through all these experiences is the POWER OF SELF-CARE and that is what I share with you. I empower you with the tools of daily nourishment.

I draw on my toolkit as a qualified psychologist, yoga teacher and health & fitness coach. But it is my own life lessons that really allow me to understand and share your journey.

Whether it was grief, stress, sleep deprivation or post natal depression, or a combination of all, I really struggled. With great support, a dedicated self-care routine, and my own unique strategies, I am back to being vibrant! I know how tough it can be. I understand the challenge to claw back some time for you.

I believe it is now your turn. This can no longer wait.

I have worked with thousands of people across the globe. From new parents, teens in crisis, stressed execs, the grieving, young athletes, the unfit, to the heartbroken. I help people navigate change. I can bring you back to a place of feeling whole and energetic. I can help you live a more purposeful, rewarding life.

I am your calm, safe place to examine the contents of your heart and head.

In partnership with you, I will help you find clarity. Together we will brainstorm a bespoke plan of action. I then walk the journey with you.

Take a long, smooth breath out… Feel that?

The weight has begun to lift already.

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