Getting set for 2017!

The New Year can be a tricky time emotionally, what can we do to reset and re-balance?

We need a combination of both stillness and movement. Try journaling, meditation, breath work and restorative yoga to help you get quiet, to reflect and replenish. Opt for gentle walks or a light-hearted jog in nature and some inspiring yoga to stimulate creativity, boost your mood and lift your spirits. It’s also about time with loved ones so we feel well connected and supported. The feeling of ‘we’re in it together’ is very galvanising.

My top tip for anyone wanting to get fit, physically and mentally, in 2017:

Focus on self-care, daily nourishment, and you will see yourself blossom. Make your health and wellbeing a genuine, active priority, give it the time and energy it deserves and you will achieve change. If it’s something you just think about without taking regular action, nothing will change. You have to do something every day that helps you move towards the person you want to become.

The top tip is to make sustainable lifestyle change – things that you can maintain for the rest of your days. If you make sweeping changes you can only keep up for a short period of time, your great results will also be fleeting… Make good nutritional choices most of the time, move daily, prioritise sleep and relaxation, commit to practising mood boosting skills like mindfulness, gratitude, savouring and compassion and you will set into motion an upward spiral of joy that makes it easier to stick to life-giving actions. My Vitality Wheel framework of self-care shows you how to nourish yourself head, heart and body.

Why is the New Year such a hard time for lots of us?

For us in the northern hemisphere we are still in hibernation mode so the notion of ‘turning over a new leaf’ just isn’t energetically supported by the season we’re in. We won’t experience a feeling of rebirth til spring so it’s not realistic to expect yourself to feel full of beans and ready for grand lifestyle changes. I think if we can approach the New Year as a time of quiet reflection and as a time for deepening our social bonds then it won’t feel so jarring.

People often focus their New Years Resolutions on what they want to avoid – things like cutting down on alcohol, reducing junk food etc and these kinds of goals are just not very motivating. Framing your goals around what you want to move towards is much more energising and empowering. Think along the lines of ‘I commit to energy boosting activities daily’ – for example, intrinsically enjoyable movement, listening to music I love, having a laugh, using scent that’s uplifting… It’s about making goals that are framed positively, that are do-able and realistic given our available time and energy. The best kind of goals or resolutions are ones that fill you with a feeling of zest and excitement – use that as your guiding principle when sitting down the write yours.

If resolutions don’t float your boat an alternative is choosing a word for 2017 – something that captures the feeling or intention for the coming year. Have fun playing with this idea and see what bubbles up.

It is also a time of year when we tend to expect a lot of ourselves and I hear an awful lot of pretty toxic self-talk going on. My mantra is ‘only talk to yourself as you would your best friend’. Yes, it is a great time of year to reflect, clarify your vision and take action but do this imbued with self-compassion not self-criticism. Amazing things blossom from this place!

What can we do to turn the negatives into positives?

Mantras are really useful here – ‘what’s the silver lining’, ‘how could it be worse’, ‘what is this teaching me’, ‘how is this helping me to grow’…

Even just being mindful of our inner dialogue and reframing it to something rooted in perspective is helpful. Often we leap to ‘worst case’ scenarios, consider too the ‘best case’ scenario and finish with ‘what’s most likely’.

Counting our blessings is a great mood alchemist too. Gratitude can always turn a negative into a positive!

What are my New Year’s Resolutions?

I’m committing to daily nourishment – the form will change but there will be something every day that tops me up energetically. I’m also reaffirming my commitment to a daily yoga and meditation practice. Again this will look different every day and some days it will only be about 10 minutes in duration, but I will make it happen every day. It is the thing that helps me be the kind of mum I want to be, to stay happily married and capable of holding space for my clients.

In 2017 I turn 40… I love how a milestone number kicks us into action! I’m going to keep the image of who I want to be at 40 at the front of my mind and conjure her when I am faced with a choice – this will help me make the choice that takes me closer to the vision I want rather than away from it. Imagery and having clearly articulated goals linked with your values helps beat self-sabotage. Enjoy spending some time conjuring your vision of your best self and let this shape your choices in 2017!

“New Year: New You” Workshop!

Want to get clarity on your values, purpose and goals for 2017? Come along on January 22nd and fire that arrow of intent. We’ll be delving into ways to get clear on what’s most important to you and formulating an action plan to make it happen, with uplifting yoga to match. Its on Sunday January 22nd 12:30-2pm at BAYoga. Book your place now via BAYoga


All my love,

Suzy xx