January blues getting to you too? Reality looms large and the thought of the school run tomorrow morning has me shuddering. And I think I’m finally understanding the allure of tea… it’s 4pm, 3 degrees, dark already and a third cup of coffee would not be my friend. So these are the little rituals to which I’m turning to get the happies flowing. I hope they give you some light relief too.

5 Ways to Return to Normality with Vigour…

1. Plan one thing you really look forward to and enjoy the anticipation of it. This can be as simple as looking forward to a solo walk on the weekend or something more grand like a planned holiday (Australia, you are on my radar!). Feel how just the thought of this buoys your spirits. I am really looking forward to settling in with Dave and the kids and watching his new TV show, ‘Let it Shine‘, on Saturday night!

2. Connect with Purpose. If there is something you are dreading, ask yourself WHY you do it. Yes, I feel a sense of reticence about diving back into work mode but when I recall that I work to put a roof above our heads and live in safety, when plenty of people risk their lives for this privilege, I feel grounded in gratitude and purpose. It is true, I am not looking forward to the hum drum school run but thank goodness for the opportunities and education available to our kids in this country. Remembering our WHY is galvanising and anchors us in perspective.

3. Do something new. Try out a new hobby, accept a challenge or learn a new skill. Doing something new is a great way to grow and it keep us on our toes. I freely admit that my cooking skills could do with improvement so I am setting the intention to try out something new each week. I’m having fun with it… on that note, anyone have a chicken soup recipe friendly to fussy miniature humans?

4. Move! Movement is such a potent mood booster. Better still, it stimulates creativity, so if you’re feeling stuck, move your body. Just a walk around the block will do it or take a few mountain yoga breaths. If you need some yoga inspiration please check out my short videos on YouTube

5. Bite-Sized Nourishment. What really helps is self-care in an instant. Here are just a few ideas. Beautify your environment – if taking down the Christmas decorations pains you, adorn the house with flowers or have some favourite snaps printed up. Use scent – don’t miss the Neom Organics 50% off sale! Savour a cup of tea or a sunset. Pop on your favourite tune. Sit and stroke the cat. Watch the moving cloudscape. Try adding a Bach Flower remedy to your usual glass of water – in this way I literally feel like I am drinking in ‘patience’.

I’ll be sharing more ways to connect with our purpose with some yoga to help us fire our arrow of intent on January 22nd in Berkhamsted. Check out BAYoga for more info.

All my love,

Suz xx