A: We need to engage in self-care every day because just like a car needs petrol to go, we need daily nourishment to keep our energy bank balance healthy. Do we incur stress on a daily basis? We all know the answer to that one… our daily work commitments, the pressures of commuting, the demands of parenting, the dishwasher that beeps until you turn it off, the energetic suck of social media, screen time – stress is a normal part of everyday life. We need daily self-care to mediate the effects of these ever present burdens on our health and wellbeing. And it’s not just the negative events in our day that can have us feeling stressed out – it’s much desired things like scoring a promotion, buying a house, a renovation project, booking a holiday or simply planning a celebration that can tax our energy bank too!

The mantra is: ‘self-care is health care’. Do we brush our teeth daily? Yes! So we also need to tend to our mental, emotional and energetic health daily. We need nourishment, head, heart and body, to keep us topped up and resilient in the face of life and all its stimulation, and we need it EVERY day.

How do you know that you REALLY need to get self-care on the radar? Look for signs of burnout. We all have our own individual triggers, and it can manifest in our body, in our thinking, in our actions and choices. Get to know your early warning signs and take action before overwhelm sets in.

What are the signs to look out for?

  • Extreme tiredness, trouble sleeping despite feeling fatigued, difficulty in switching off and a sense of being overstimulated.
  • A general suppression of the immune system evidenced by frequent bouts of minor ailments or infections like cold sores, headaches or common colds, or lingering illnesses.
  • Muscular aches, pains and physical tension.
  • Mental signs include: low mood, supressed appetite, poor concentration, or diminished enjoyment from life, work, or relationships. A sense of feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Anxiety, anger, reactivity and irritability. A tendency to generalise about problems, to catastrophise or lose perspective and to take things personally.


Self-care will help you heal your system from burnout. If you’re in a state of overwhelm you need to tailor your self-care routine, prioritising soothing activities and life choices that gently restore balance to your life. I will guide you through that process in a future blog post so please keep checking in. Even if you are not feeling energetically low, engaging in a regular self-care practice will protect you from the ravages of stress, reducing the risk of burnout. Either way, we all need to nourish ourselves because no-one is immune.

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