The Little Book of Self-Care is OUT NOW!

The Little Book of Self-Care is OUT NOW!

Today’s the day! ‘The Little Book of Self-Care’ is out now! I hope you find it packed full of do-able practices that take little time, energy or expense. Take me with you in your back pocket for real self-care on the go.

To celebrate publication day of my new book, I’ve teamed up with Health & Fitness Travel to give you the chance to WIN a wellness holiday in Thailand! Pick up a copy of my book for details on how to enter. Good luck lovely people and I hope you love exploring these 30 new soothing practices.

As ever, it’s right from my heart to yours.

Suz xx

Self-Care for Kids and Parents – How to make it happen!

Self-Care for Kids and Parents – How to make it happen!

We teach our kids how to brush their teeth, to safely cross roads and the importance of healthy eating, self-care for kids is about broadening the focus to include practices that boost our children’s emotional and mental wellbeing. We all want to raise compassionate, resilient kids and we achieve this by empowering them with their own self-care toolkit, helping them navigate challenging situations and difficult emotions such as anger, anxiety, and sadness. As parents, it can be hard to find the time for self-care and often we feel guilty about it. Rather than seeing self-care as something that needs to be solo, something special, somewhere away from home, let’s take a look at the ways we can nourish ourselves together as a family! The beautiful win win is that by engaging in self-care we are modelling for our kids how to mindfully tend to their health, and this is a skill that will sustain them for the rest of their days.

What is self-care?

While self-care is a buzzword right now and we all appreciate its value, as a concept it’s often misunderstood. There are good reasons for this confusion! What one person finds soothing might not resonate for another and even our own needs change over time. It’s not a one size fits all approach and we all need a broad toolkit from which to draw. To keep it as simple as possible, I define self-care as health care. It is nourishment for the head, the heart and the body. And in case there’s any uncertainty about what constitutes a true act of self-care, there’s a second part to my definition: self-care nourishes you in this moment AND nurtures who you are becoming, your future self if you like. This will stop self-care from turning into self-sabotage… for example, is a second large glass of red self-care? Ask your future self and it becomes crystal clear.

What is self-care for kids?

It is about teaching your kids life-giving habits. We do this by actively involving them in family self-care practices and by modelling healthy behaviour and skills for them. We need to get self-care proactively on the radar by talking about it and by guiding them to use soothing tools when they’re facing a difficult life experience or emotion.

Why do we need it?

We all need self-care to help us cope when life gets tough, to recover from difficult experiences, to boost our resilience in the face of future challenges, and to give us access to our best self. Well nourished people tend to be kinder and more resourceful in response to life’s demands and engaging in self-care together is deeply bonding, boosting the health and harmony of the family unit.

How do we do it?

Having a framework helps bring self-care to life. I created the Vitality Wheel to connect us with something nourishing in the moment. Take a look at the wheel and you’ll see eight different ways that we can look after ourselves. The spokes of the wheel are not designed to be distinct and you’ll see that an activity like taking a walk in the woods could fall in several categories. The whole point of it is to help you identify something nourishing and accessible in the moment, because in my experience, when we’re feeling frazzled, fatigued and full up, it is hard to put your finger on it!

Use the Vitality Wheel for inspiration, thinking of all the activities, rituals and practices that resonate for you and your family, and jot them down on the wheel. We have ours hanging up on our kitchen wall and whenever tempers are flaring or boredom hits we take a look at it to help us choose what to do to create a shift. Make your own poster with the Vitality Wheel spokes: Eat and Move, Sleep, Relax and Breathe, Connect, Happiness Treasure Box (all your favourite mood boosting activities and skills like gratitude, kindness and savouring), Goals and Accomplishments, Values and Strengths (teach your kids that there are many ways to shine!), Nature, and Coping Skills (like mindfulness and growth mindset).

Make your own toolkit:

Another way to help your kids cope is to build bespoke toolkits in response to challenges they are facing. If your little one is old enough to write, they could start a self-care journal and keep their toolkits there. For younger ones, reminding them that these feelings are normal and giving them different things to try can help dial down anxiety. Think along the lines of ‘what to do when you can’t get to sleep’ or ‘what to do when you miss someone’. Have fun brainstorming options together!

5 quick ways to fill your collective cup!

Please don’t think of self-care as yet ANOTHER thing to add to our already heaving ‘to do’ list. There are lots of ways we can imbue everyday life with a little tenderness!

  1. Music – pop on some tunes to lift the spirit or classical to soothe.
  2. Move your Body – the quickest way to change your mind is to move your body. A single yoga pose will do or head out in Nature’s Beauty together and blow out the cobwebs.
  3. Scent – Transform your mood in an instant by using scent – room sprays, candles, pillow spray. My kids love my Neom Organics stash as much as I do.
  4. Breathe – when you breathe better, you feel better. Take some mountain breaths together. Stand tall like a mountain, arms down by your sides. As you breathe in, take your arms out wide to the side, reach them up overhead and look up. As you breathe out, lower your arms back down by your sides and look forwards. 6 reps and it’ll change how you all feel and you’ll have a giggle together in the process.
  5. Savour together. This is my all-time favourite self-care tip! Savouring is the ability to suck the life out of a pleasurable moment. So when something joyful is unfolding, give it your full attention, with all your senses and share it! You can savour the past too by reminiscing about a happy memory or you can savour the future by happily anticipating something you have to look forward to. Your kids will love building the savouring muscle with you and it is such a powerful mood alchemist!

I hope you enjoy using the Vitality Wheel as inspiration and that your toolkits serve you all well! When we see self-care as something that we can engage in together, it becomes so much more accessible. I hope it also helps to blow mum guilt away, safe in the knowledge that when you nourish yourself you are more likely to be the mum that you aspire to be AND you are teaching your kids the vital skills of caring for themselves.

Beaming you love,

Suz xx

Self-Care: the value of reflecting on accomplishments

Self-Care: the value of reflecting on accomplishments

We’re all aware of the power of goal setting but did you know that reflecting on your accomplishments can be just as potent for motivation and even more importantly, your health and wellbeing? In fact, sitting down to acknowledge what I’ve achieved is one of my favourite self-care activities – there is so much zest to mined there! Just about everyone has a ‘to do’ list, the practice I would love you to consider is a ‘what went well’ list or just ‘what got done’. Too often we fritter away the energy available to us in acknowledging our achievements when we leap straight onto the next thing that needs doing. Pause, notice how far you’ve come, see the mini milestones for the true triumphs they are and feel how this lifts your spirits and bolsters your feeling of self-worth and personal power.

For many of us, the end of the school year provides us with a natural pause. Before your mind launches into preparing for the next chapter, take the opportunity to sit, either on your own, or with your kids and look at how far you’ve come and the ways you’ve grown. Whether the school calendar affects you or not, this is a fruitful exercise to engage in. You don’t need to wait for a time of significance. We can pause to reflect at any time and reap the benefits. While this process might not feel comfortable at first, it is worth the effort.

Think along the lines of:

  • What events have unfolded recently and how did you navigate them?
  • What have you learnt about yourself and other family members, or your work, your colleagues, or about the world in general?
  • How have you grown?
  • What skills or strengths have you drawn on?
  • What’s gone well? Please let your mind sift over the big and the small stuff – they’ll accumulate and fill you with light and life.


If this feels tricky, break it down into a single day. Scan back through your day and notice what you got done, any challenges you overcame and the strengths that you put to good use. Things don’t need to have gone well in your day to feel a sense of accomplishment! Consider what you might reflect back to a friend if they recounted the same information to you. If the notion of strengths doesn’t sit comfortably, know that there is nothing narcissistic about this concept. We all have strengths, every human has something of value to contribute. It’s not about being more special or important that anyone else, it’s about deepening your awareness of the ways in which you shine as an individual and looking for opportunities to put those strengths to good use. Reflecting on your achievements will empower you with insight into your unique skills and abilities, boosting your sense of agency and wellbeing.

I wish you happy reflecting! Write it down too. Looking back on it will fill up your cup all over again. This is how we make self-care simple and do-able.

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Life is full and it’s easy to feel like self-care is just another thing to add to your already heaving to-do list. Here are some simple hacks that will lighten that load and give you access to something nourishing during even the busiest of times.

1 Redefine Self-Care:

It comes down to how you conceptualise self-care. If you think that self-care is hour long yoga classes or spa days then it’s easy to feel like there just isn’t time. Get clear on what self-care is and broaden your self-care toolkit with a selection of nourishing tools and you will see that it needn’t take lots of time. In fact, self-care needn’t take any extra time at all! Remember the mantra: self-care is health care. It is any life-giving act that tops up your energy bank. It can be as simple as noticing something around you that you find uplifting. It might be pausing to feel your breathing for 60 seconds. Sometimes it’s a single yoga pose. I call these micro moments of nourishment, they are surprisingly potent and we all have time for these. It can be found in practicing kindness, gratitude and compassion – these are skills, a way of seeing and being in this world that take NO extra time at all but have a wonderful positive effect on your wellbeing, and that of everyone your life touches. This is how we make self-care fit with the demands of the real world.

2 Prioritise and Plan:

We schedule in the car for an MOT without a second thought, give yourself permission to prioritise your health and wellbeing and make an appointment with yourself. There’s no point waiting for a ‘good time’, seize the opportunity, plan how you’d like to fill your cup and the enjoy savouring the anticipation of it, lifting your mood before it’s even happened.

3 Smart Down Time:

Make the most of your down time. How often does down time get frittered away with rumination, mindless scrolling on social media or a brain fade in front of the telly? When you’re feeling inspired (spritz your favourite scent, take a few deep breaths and some shoulder rolls or a quick walk around the block if you need to shake off sticky thinking) sit down and brainstorm a list of things you can do to nourish your head, heart or body. When that precious window of time comes up, turn to your list and choose something that resonates in the moment and then go do it with abandon!

4 Get Proactive:

Without our health, what do we have? Self-care is also the means by which we become the kind of people we aspire to be, so take a long deep breath in and blow away any guilt. At regular intervals in your day, check in with your bodymind and just notice how you’re feeling. Take action before pain, low mood, hanger or anxiety show up. It can be as simple as recognising you need a drink of water or you need to reboot with a quick dose of Nature therapy. In this way I think of self-care as preventative medicine, far more time efficient than the enforced rest of incurring an injury or the suppression of our immune system stopping us in our tracks. Make time for self-care because it is important and the dividends are seriously worth it. Just ask your future self!

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A: Self-care tips to boost confidence in an instant.

While robust self-love and confidence can take time to build, we genuinely can change how we feel in an instant with these 5 tools. None of these things take much time but their impact on your mood, subjective energy levels and self-assurance can be potent. Try them yourself and see the dividends ripple out.

1 Posture – research has shown that how we hold our bodies has a significant impact on our sense of self-esteem, energy and optimism. Google Erik Peper if you’d like to learn more. Become aware of how you are holding your body through your day and consciously soften your eyes, jaw, neck and shoulders. Feel a sense of elevation through the crown of your head and broaden your collarbones, whether you are standing or seated, and you will feel more resourceful in the face of challenges.

2 Breathe – this is so simple, when you breathe better, you feel better. As a psychologist and yoga teacher I am passionate about raising awareness of the therapeutic power of working with the breath. Nothing elaborate is required here, just a smooth, relaxed breath. It can be helpful to feel the four phases of your breathing: the inhalation, the moment after you breathe in, the exhalation and the moment after your breathe out. Allowing these natural pauses to be there can be very soothing for your nervous system. Bringing your hands into a mudra can also be powerful – helping to focus the mind on the sensations of breathing. Try this one: curl your thumbs in towards your palms and wrap your fingers around them, making a gentle fist. Bring the back of your fingers with the wrists facing upwards to touch, just in front of your navel. Hold the mudra for 6 relaxed breaths. Feel how this makes your breath feel more spacious, tapping you in with your inner strength and resilience.

3 Movement – use your body to feel empowered. Amy Cuddy is your go to resource for power postures and you will find plenty of them in yoga. When I need to stand firm and feel resolute I opt for mountain, tree or warrior poses. These shapes connect you with the strength of your legs, core and spine and help you feel the support of the earth beneath you. Break out into one of these poses whenever you need to feel strong. Perfect pre-meeting preparation.

4 Mantra – harness the power of your mind by using mantra or primer statements. How is it that you’d like to feel? Simply add that quality to an ‘I am’ statement. Repeat it to keep your mind from rumination or less constructive thoughts.

5 What’s your WHY – when life gets tough, your purpose will galvanise you. If there is something coming up that causes you anxiety, remind yourself WHY you are doing it and this will help you dig deeper. Reflect on your strengths and values and call to mind those qualities that will help you navigate this challenge. It will all be worth it.

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