A self care revolution: Nurturing your head, heart and body with Suzy Reading

Our conversation in this episode ranges from:

  • What it means to nurture head, heart and body and how you can incorporate these simple steps into your life everyday.
  • How to recover when you are ‘energetically bankrupt’
  • Why Suzy believes yoga is ‘body-centred therapy’
  • The two minute yoga sequences that we can all use every day to calm the body and mind – or energise it!
  • How movement helps us to process emotion and recover from life’s challenges
  • The parallels between the Eastern philosophies of yoga and Western psycholocial sciences, and
  • Suzy’s personal experience that flattened her then led her to breathe again and create a flourishing life.

Be inspired by Suzy’s wisdom, calmed by her soothing style and discover her simple tips for self-care and rediscovering your vibrant, flourishing self.