Reclaim your vitality! Nurture your physical body.

7 weeks in and I am a new woman. Self-care is not selfish! Your vitality boosting tip for today is: take care of some ‘personal’ incompletions.

It’s ok to nurture your physical body! Invest some time in a bit of grooming and feel how it lifts your self-esteem. Book in for a haircut. Take care of your toes. Ladies – if your body has changed over the last 8 weeks or if you just haven’t done so for a while, get measured and invest in a new bra.

Notice any niggling physical aches and pains? Take action and check in with your GP/physio/osteo/whoever! Living with discomfort can make us grumpy and drain our patience.

Give yourself permission to address these incompletions and reclaim your vitality. Let these actions be an affirmation of self-worth and imbue them with a sense of gratitude for the great gift your physical body is!

The power of completions!

We’re into the last week of my ‘8 weeks to a better bodymind’ challenge which gives us a great opportunity to reflect on the power of seeing things through to completion. This week is all about wrapping things up, reflecting on what we’ve learnt and committing to what’s next!

Today’s tip: Make a list of incompletions that are really bugging you about your home or work environment and take action where you can. Get your environment working for you: find a home for belongings, clear the decks, brainstorm new ways of using your space or new rituals that would make life smoother. Tidy house, tidy mind!

Resolve unfinished business in your environment and feel the energy it liberates. Especially this week, look for opportunities to harness the power of completions.

Coping Strategy #6: “Know Your Boundaries”

This is simple – stop and identify what lies within your control and what lies beyond your control. Pour your energy, effort and attention into what you can control and take action here. Acknowledge and surrender where you know you have no influence. Worrying, efforting, wishing, resisting… are all a complete waste of your time here.

Get to know your boundaries, respect them and feel how this simplifies life – where you direct your attention, the choices you make and the actions you embark on.

Just one week to go of this ‘8 weeks to a better bodymind’ challenge. Knuckle down and last the distance with me! I hope you are feeling tangible, positive change already.

Relationship Booster #6: give each other space

And the final tip for this week’s theme of boosting relationships is to give each other space to enjoy solo pursuits. This morning Daddybear went chasing waves and I relished time with my girls at Balmoral Beach. All things in balance. Sometimes having an opportunity to miss each other makes for an extra sweet home coming.

So today marks the end of week 6… just two weeks to go of my ‘8 weeks to a better bodymind’ challenge. If you embarked on this challenge with me, or if you have just stumbled upon it now, you might like to take a moment to review the week that’s just been and make some plans for the week to come. What’s working well for you on the health, happiness and fitness front and where can you make some improvements? Keep your eye on the prize and make the daily commitment to self-care. It is time to reclaim your vitality!

Want to know more about how my 8 weeks to a better bodymind challenge? Drop me a line: or follow my video blogs on my YouTube channel

This tip will help you stick to your guns and move daily!

Commitment to daily exercise tip #4: Plan your “If… Then primers” for exercise.

Think of your barriers to movement and brainstorm strategies to overcome them. A few of mine… If it’s raining… then I will roll out my yoga mat at home. If I am tired… then I will get up and choose something gentle. Or my favourite – if I can’t get a minute to myself, then I’ll take my little one to the beach and chase her like a crocodile. 

If you’d like a sounding board or someone to help generate some creative options – I have lots of ideas up my sleeve. Get in touch and I promise we can make daily joyful movement a reality for you.