When to push, when to surrender: the concept of right effort

I haven’t had a night out in 166 days… It’s given me a lot of thinking time! Next week marks the one year anniversary of our return to the UK and the life lesson I’m reflecting on (yup, kicking and screaming again) is the concept of ‘right effort’.

There is much to be grateful for – baby Teddy’s safe arrival and blossoming (the reason for my evening house arrest), Charlotte’s happy adjustment to the UK and school life, beautiful new buddies, and precious time with Dave’s family… and yet there is also some serious unfinished business. It’s not for lack of trying and that’s where the lessons have come hard and fast.

There has been a lot of trying, a lot of what I call ‘efforting’. What I’m learning is that sometimes, regardless of great intent, preparation and diligence, the things we really need don’t come off when we want them to. It’s just life. The art is in learning when to push and when to surrender… (more…)

What’s your WHY?

2014 – A year of digging deep and the stuff that got me through.

You could say we bit off more than we could chew last year, but you have to respond to life as it evolves and things don’t always occur at an opportune moment. We made bold decisions and big moves and despite our optimism, it was like wading through treacle from start to finish. Would I make the same decisions again? In a heartbeat, yes! There’s nothing more precious than time with a loved one, or a loved one meeting their grandchild, or seeing your partner flourish, but it hasn’t been easy and there have been many lessons learnt… (more…)

What makes a new place feel like home?

We’re nearly one year in to our UK adventure and I find it fascinating to ponder the things that make a new place feel like home. For me it’s about social connection and creating a shared history. (School and nursery mums, you have been phenomenally kind and welcoming. Thank you!!!) It’s in crafting new rituals: the favourite coffee place, my new yoga home, family Sunday lunches, and walks through the woods. The other way I’m putting down roots is immersing myself in the local physical environment. I’m falling in love with the seasons, the landscape, the birds, the animals and engaging in daily nature therapy. What works for you? I would so love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Lots of love, Suz xx

Life won’t wait: 7 top tips for embracing change

What’s your relationship with change? When you contemplate the concept of change, what thoughts, words, images, memories or feelings surface for you?

For most of my life I confess I was a little resistant to change – I was a creature of habit, happy with my routine and my stability. It was a happy circumstance that I fell into making a significant life change when I first came to London for a 2 month trip that turned into a 7 year adventure.

I discovered how liberating a new environment could be and how invigorating it can feel to do things differently. It was later when other change was thrust upon me, the pain of losing my dad, that I learnt that even unpleasant, heartbreaking change can be a profoundly positive catalyst, a fast track to unimagined personal evolution(more…)

Finding it hard to stay on track? Use this strategy:

This week we are focusing on the psychology of healthy eating, but you can use this technique with any kind of desired behaviour change in mind.

Psychology of healthy eating tip #4: Brainstorm your “IF… THEN” statements.

Anticipate situations that might make it hard to stick to healthy food choices and have a plan in place to deal with it. These “If X happens… then I will do Y” statements can be powerful primers that help you make better decisions and stay on course.

Spend some time brainstorming yours and write them down to help cement them.

So, for example… If I’m having a coffee, then make it a skim with no sugar. If a friend wants to catch up, then suggest a walk together rather than our connection revolving around food…

Tune in tomorrow for my favourite “if… then” primer.

If it’s hard getting creative, drop me a line! Sometimes you just need a sounding board.