Self-Care Tips to Maximise Christmas Cheer

Fun festive cheer or stressful mania… which will your December be full of?! We know there’s a tipping point! While Christmas can be a joy-filled time of year it is not without its own unique stresses – family pressures, expectations, calendars jam-packed with social engagements, sweet treats and temptations at every turn… Here are a few ideas that will keeping your wellbeing tiptop at this time of year.

Top tips for keeping your wellbeing in check this Christmas…

  1. Keep an eye on your energetic bank balance. Just as a car needs petrol to go, we need energy to function well, to be the kind of people we aspire to be and to enjoy life. Get to know your energetic bank balance and take action when you’re feeling depleted. Check in with your energy levels and give yourself permission to act accordingly – burning the candle at both ends might have you feeling reactive and grumpy rather than festive. It can be as simple as making time for a 10 minute meditation to give you enough steam to enjoy your big night out or taking a restorative bath to ease away the post party residue. Be honest with yourself and keep nourishment on the radar. It is not selfish, it is absolutely necessary.
  1. Keep moving. Quite often the festive season wreaks havoc with our usual patterns of movement… long meals, time on the sofa and very full tummies. By all means enjoy the socialising and family time and it would be a crime not to enjoy the delights of seasonal rituals, but keep moving. Maybe its 5 mins of yoga (take a peek at my YouTube channel for some free and quick yoga sequences), or popping on your favourite tunes and having a boogie at home or it can be as simple as taking a walk around the block. Keep moving to boost your mood and resilience to stress.
  1. If you are going to indulge… savour it. This is my all-time favourite festive tip. If you are going to eat that pudding, nibble on that shortbread, crack open that bubbly, dig into that roast…. ENJOY IT! Savour every last little bit of enjoyment. Don’t fritter it away with guilt. Don’t waste it by thinking you shouldn’t be doing it. Don’t miss out on the joy by failing to give it your full attention. You might find that life’s joys savoured in this way means you stop a little sooner and have less compensatory work required of you later. Life is meant to be enjoyed, so savour it!

Beaming you love,

Suz xx

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#1: Set an intention for the holiday period. What would you like to achieve? How would you like to feel? Bring mindfulness to your break and use your intention to shape how you spend your precious time. Mine? Simply celebrate family and friends, replenish, and savour the blessings of our Sydney life… (more…)