Want to know the biggest mistake we ALL make when it comes to exercise and nutrition?

The answer:
We rely solely on our will power to make good decisions…

The part of our brain responsible for willpower is simply not equipped to cope with the number of decisions we face in modern life nor with the intensity of temptation we are now constantly subjected to. Will power is simply not enough to keep us on the ‘straight and narrow’.

What’s the solution?
I think it is twofold – first we need to dial down the volume on temptation and secondly reduce the number of decisions we are faced with in our day.

How can we tame temptation?
Simple – start by forming some concrete wellbeing goals and if you know you need to work on your commitment to exercise and healthy eating, then make some specific and measurable goals around those areas. The really important bit is the next step – ask yourself WHY you want to achieve these goals. What will achieving these goals facilitate in your life? How will life feel different when you achieve them? These questions tap into your deeply held values and articulating them helps to reduce the intensity of temptation around you…

The other part of dealing with the willpower deficit is in reducing the number of decisions we are faced with and I will be delving into the psychological strategies that help us make better decisions more often in my new workshop next month at BAYoga.

We all know what we need to do to feel healthy, it’s another thing to make it happen. For more info about this lasting lifestyle change workshop and to book in, just click on this exercise and nutrition link.

Can’t get to the workshop? Don’t worry! I offer similar content via skype and this way we can take a completely bespoke approach. Get in touch to form your personalised action plan and reclaim your vitality!


Walk and Talk – a New Approach to Psychology in Berkhamsted

Get your body moving while we sort out what’s on your mind!

As a qualified psychologist, yoga teacher and personal trainer, the idea of blending the three disciplines into a “walk and talk” format came about very organically. It seems that the rest of psychology is finally catching up! A flurry of research is now drawing attention to the important role the body plays in achieving wellbeing. What better way to revitalise, unwind and gain clarity than by harnessing the therapeutic benefits of nature, exercise and talk therapy!

Walk and Talk, what is it?

Very simply, we head out together somewhere beautiful, take a walk at a pace you feel comfortable with, and we talk about what’s on your mind. If you’re open to it, sometimes we stop and do a yoga pose or two that is connected with what we are talking about. The body plays an important role in how we feel, our energy levels and also in how we go about creating change. Specific exercises or yoga poses can help us with these goals. We achieve the same things you would normally do by sitting and talking things out, but with the added benefits of exercise and the uplifting effect of being in Nature – more bang for your buck. If you want to work on your fitness at the same time, we can push the intensity a little harder. It just comes down to what you want to achieve… (more…)

How to lose weight just by thinking about it

Lose weight just by thinking about it… sounds too good to be true? Here’s some recent research that might just bring a smile to your face.

This has got to be one of my favourite studies of all time. For years I’ve been banging on about the value of ‘incidental’ exercise – all movement, not just organised exercise counts when it comes to health and fitness benefits.

That means vacuuming, active play with your kids, or getting your hands dirty in the garden can all be just as effective as a gym workout.

A recent ground breaking study takes this message one step further, showing us how to fine tune the potency of everyday movement. And it all comes down to your mind set… (more…)

Happiness Booster #2: Gratitude Walk

Today I am taking a gratitude walk. As I move I will reflect on all the things in my life for which I am thankful – the things I see around me, and for the people and events unfolding in my life. Every step will be a statement of gratitude… you might like to try it too.

How is the 3 blessings exercise going for you? Not sure how it works? Check out my video blog for instructions.

Something to consider… come for a ‘walk and talk’ session with me – get fit, while we sort out what’s on your mind. It can be a great way to kick start your journey back to vitality.

Lots of love,

Suz xx

This tip will help you stick to your guns and move daily!

Commitment to daily exercise tip #4: Plan your “If… Then primers” for exercise.

Think of your barriers to movement and brainstorm strategies to overcome them. A few of mine… If it’s raining… then I will roll out my yoga mat at home. If I am tired… then I will get up and choose something gentle. Or my favourite – if I can’t get a minute to myself, then I’ll take my little one to the beach and chase her like a crocodile. 

If you’d like a sounding board or someone to help generate some creative options – I have lots of ideas up my sleeve. Get in touch and I promise we can make daily joyful movement a reality for you.