A happy new years resolution for you!

We’re just days away from a brand new year, here’s a resolution to consider: commit to boosting your positive emotions on a daily basis.

Why? Research has shown that when we’re happy, we tend to make better decisions and function more effectively. In my experience, when I’m happy, poor habits tend to drop away naturally.

So – toss resolutions like ‘lose weight’ out the window and focus on doing something that makes you happy every day! Sounds good?

Day 14: I feel better about myself!

I’m amazed at what you can achieve by setting a simple intention. That’s what this 8 weeks to a better bodymind challenge is all about – setting the intention to take action and make your wellbeing a genuine priority.

It is all about reclaiming your vitality.

So we’re two weeks in! With some simple and painless changes to my nutrition and exercise patterns I am really seeing some tangible change. Simply put – I feel better about myself. I feel more energetic, clear headed, creative and upbeat. I am actually looking forward to trying on that measuring outfit again!

For those joining me in this challenge – how are you feeling? What’s worked for you this week and what needs more attention next week? Is there anything you can refine further? Write down what you commit to doing next week and don’t forget to celebrate this week’s wins!

Tune in tomorrow for my video blog on the Psychology of Exercise and check in daily for my strategies on how to make the commitment to movement.

Lots of love,

Suz xx

Finding it hard to stay on track? Use this strategy:

This week we are focusing on the psychology of healthy eating, but you can use this technique with any kind of desired behaviour change in mind.

Psychology of healthy eating tip #4: Brainstorm your “IF… THEN” statements.

Anticipate situations that might make it hard to stick to healthy food choices and have a plan in place to deal with it. These “If X happens… then I will do Y” statements can be powerful primers that help you make better decisions and stay on course.

Spend some time brainstorming yours and write them down to help cement them.

So, for example… If I’m having a coffee, then make it a skim with no sugar. If a friend wants to catch up, then suggest a walk together rather than our connection revolving around food…

Tune in tomorrow for my favourite “if… then” primer.

If it’s hard getting creative, drop me a line! Sometimes you just need a sounding board.

Feeling pressed for time? 12 quick tips to maximise yours:

There are no surprises here – time is a fixed entity. So what you’ve got is what you’ve got. The good news is that you have plenty of power over how you conceive it and then parcel it out. Here are my 12 top tips to get the most of your time:

1. Use the 4 D’s:

  • Do it now – it is important and it must be done by you.
  • Defer it – you need to do it but it can wait. Schedule it for later.
  • Delegate it – it is important, but someone else can do it. Give yourself permission to use this one!
  • Dump it – it actually doesn’t need to be done… (more…)

6 steps to get you back into the FLOW


Are you in the flow of life or are you struggling against the tide?

Being in the flow of life… that feeling you get when the universe conspires to help you do what you have your heart set on.

Or are you feeling a bit stuck… the sense that you are being thwarted, by life or by yourself, despite your best intentions.

How can we get back into the flow? (more…)