Would you like to feel more positive? Take a gratitude walk in Berkhamsted

Today I took a gratitude walk, committing to dwelling in the moment and giving thanks for my blessings, not getting lost in rumination. I saw wide open fields reminding me of the rich potential of life and glorious blossom symbolising the rebirth of spring. I searched for butterflies, feeling my dad’s presence. I sat and listened to songbirds in a meadow, reminding me of the value of pausing to savour something lifegiving. Such a potent mood booster. Feeling low? Take some time to fill yourself back up. Let gratitude and Nature work their magic. Lots of love, Suz xx

5 ways we steal our own sunshine and their antidote.

Put your mind to good use and it helps you move mountains.

Let it get the better of you and you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Here are 5 ways of thinking or being that steal our own sunshine. Get to know this checklist, recognise how they manifest in your life and stop them in their tracks by using the suggested antidote.

Ways we bring ourselves down:


1. “Focusing on what you don’t have” This includes comparing yourself to those who you perceive as having ‘more than you’ (a sure fire recipe for misery) and involves taking the good things in your life for granted.

2. “Passing the buck”. The blame game, grudges, excuses and thoughts like – “I’m just wired this way”. “I was just brought up this way”. “I’m like this because this event happened or didn’t happen”. “I just don’t have time”.


3. “I’ll be happy when…”  I have finished my studies… have a job… have my own house… get married… have a kid… have a house with an ocean view… when the kids have grown up… have a sports car… win the lotto…


4. “Ruminate, Replay the Trauma, Retell the Sad Story” Getting stuck in the same old track by overthinking, reliving painful events and talking about them over and over.


5. “I don’t want it to be like this”… pretending it isn’t, ignoring it, fighting the moment and wishing our life away.




Practice gratitude: Every day write down three blessings and state ‘why’ they happened.


Accept ownership and take action. Your happiness and wellbeing is your responsibility and no one else can do it for you. Be prepared to do things differently.


Learn to savour . There is joy to be found in every moment. Train your eyes to seek out moments of beauty, pleasure and excellence and learn to amplify them.


Distraction. Change the track. Think and talk about something else – something life giving! Remember, You are more than your story.


Practice mindfulness and acceptance. Get to know what lies within your boundary of control – if it is in your control, do something about it. If it lies beyond, make peace with it.

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Relationship Booster #5: Give thanks together

Tonight I am having a “gratitude dinner” with my little family, acknowledging the blessings in our lives. We will set the intention to reminisce about past happy events, savour current joyful things and anticipate good things to come. It is one of my favourite things to do and a wonderful activity to share with your children and loved ones. Wishing you and yours great health and happiness.

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It made me curious to take a closer look at other gems that positive psychology research has shown to build happier, more rewarding relationships. The best thing is, these are not just fluffy concepts or platitudes, these are tried and tested techniques that you can learn and have been proven to build more positive relationships.

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On this Easter long weekend we are given the perfect opportunity to stop and reflect on the blessings in our life and to express thanks with our loved ones.

Recent research in the field of positive psychology has shown that of all the happiness boosting strategies, cultivating gratitude is one of the most effective.

Let’s take a look at what it is, why we should practise it, and specific exercises to develop it.