Time to reflect on your insights

I hope it has been a fruitful 8 weeks for you, whether you’ve followed closely, or just a few tips here and there. Take a moment to reflect on what have you’ve learnt during this ‘8 weeks to a better bodymind’ challenge.

Consider three things this challenge has taught you – it can be about yourself, about self-care, or about genuine health and wellbeing? I’d love to hear them so please feel free to email me: suzy@suzyreading.co.uk.

Me? I’ve learnt I can be bold, courageous and can do things differently. I have learnt that I have to back myself and I really, really do know my stuff – the results of this challenge are the living proof.

I will be sharing my before and after photos in a few days and a little more about my own insights. Stay tuned!

6 steps to get you back into the FLOW


Are you in the flow of life or are you struggling against the tide?

Being in the flow of life… that feeling you get when the universe conspires to help you do what you have your heart set on.

Or are you feeling a bit stuck… the sense that you are being thwarted, by life or by yourself, despite your best intentions.

How can we get back into the flow? (more…)

How to stop sabotaging yourself

Stop self sabotage by harnessing the power of your PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE self.

Are you trying to create change in your life? Have you set an intention that you are working towards? Do you have a vision you feel passionate about realising? Consider the concepts of “past”, “present” and “future” self to help you in this process…

Let’s take, for example, a goal concerning your ‘health and wellbeing‘. First, you need to get really clear on what it means to you to be healthy. How do you see health and wellbeing manifesting in your life? Rather than setting a broad goal of “being healthy”, pinpoint more closely what you value and aspire to. A more effective goal could be something like “feeling vital, vibrant and being a positive role model for my kids”.

Using the concepts of past, present and future self to help you achieve greater vitality, you could reflect on the following questions: (more…)

Maybe you don’t need a shrink but could you do with a coach?

Why do people engage a coach? In a nutshell, it’s because everyone deserves to be nurtured and empowered to nurture themselves. Who uses a coach? ANYONE with the one or more of the following…

  • a dream, a vision or a goal,
  • a feeling of unrealised potential, a desire for a fuller life
  • a project, a task or a problem,
  • a decision or cross roads to be faced,
  • a situation you can’t change but which must be managed
  • change, transition or stress to deal with. (more…)

How do you know if you’re ready for change?

This week I came across an interesting conceptualisation of the “stages of change” which might be particularly useful if you or someone you care about is in the midst of transition. Perhaps it might shed some light on readiness for change, the kind of support you yourself might need, or could consider offering to your loved one.

According to Prochaska, Norcross and Di Climente*, leading experts and researchers in the process of self-change, there are 6 stages of change, all of which need to be experienced if you want to create lasting, positive change. Research suggests that rushing through or skipping any one of these stages may result in a lower rate of goal success. (more…)