This tip will help you stick to your guns and move daily!

Commitment to daily exercise tip #4: Plan your “If… Then primers” for exercise.

Think of your barriers to movement and brainstorm strategies to overcome them. A few of mine… If it’s raining… then I will roll out my yoga mat at home. If I am tired… then I will get up and choose something gentle. Or my favourite – if I can’t get a minute to myself, then I’ll take my little one to the beach and chase her like a crocodile. 

If you’d like a sounding board or someone to help generate some creative options – I have lots of ideas up my sleeve. Get in touch and I promise we can make daily joyful movement a reality for you.

Here’s how to make daily exercise a genuine priority:

Commitment to daily exercise tip #3: exercise early in your day.

Just a short bout of movement helps you make better decisions and lifts your mood for the rest of the day. Personally, if I’ve done my exercise in the morning I make healthier food choices through the rest of my day because I don’t want to negate my earlier efforts.

Getting it done first thing gives movement genuine priority. Leave it til later and other things may take precedence or you mightn’t have energy left.

Finding it hard to carve some time for you to get out and exercise? Drop me a line on 0412584054 and I will help you make it happen.

love to all,

Suz xx

Making the commitment to exercise: 5 principles.

Welcome to week 3 of my 8 weeks to a better bodymind challenge. This week we focus on exercise.

This is not just another one size fits all exercise plan. Watch my brief video by clicking here to learn about the psychology of exercise. In it I give you my 5 guiding principles.

Keep checking in daily for strategies on how to make the commitment to movement a reality. I will also be giving you some free exercise tips.

Join me today because it is time to reclaim your vitality!

Lots of love,

Suz xx

Finding it hard to stay on track? Use this strategy:

This week we are focusing on the psychology of healthy eating, but you can use this technique with any kind of desired behaviour change in mind.

Psychology of healthy eating tip #4: Brainstorm your “IF… THEN” statements.

Anticipate situations that might make it hard to stick to healthy food choices and have a plan in place to deal with it. These “If X happens… then I will do Y” statements can be powerful primers that help you make better decisions and stay on course.

Spend some time brainstorming yours and write them down to help cement them.

So, for example… If I’m having a coffee, then make it a skim with no sugar. If a friend wants to catch up, then suggest a walk together rather than our connection revolving around food…

Tune in tomorrow for my favourite “if… then” primer.

If it’s hard getting creative, drop me a line! Sometimes you just need a sounding board.

Step One of Living a Purposeful Life

In the last few weeks I have spoken a great deal about living a purposeful and meaningful life – a life that is shaped and guided by our values.

Let’s dig a little deeper today and examine what values are and three ways to identify yours.

What are values?

Values lie at the very heart of personal meaning and purpose. They are defined by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as “verbally constructed, global, desired and chosen life directions.”* Values are not goals, they are the guiding principles which shape and define our lives. You can think of values as a direction, with no end point, whereas you can think of goals as something that can be finished, checked off, or accomplished. We set goals in service of our values.

Values tap into what really matters to us as individuals, and what we perceive as a well-lived life to look like. You’ll know if you’ve tapped into a value because talking about it, thinking about, and acting in service of it will ignite in you a powerful feeling of vitality, energy and inspiration. Our values have the potential to light us up and wake us up… (more…)