Inspiration for a Happy New Year!

Inspiration for a Happy New Year!

Getting set for 2017!

The New Year can be a tricky time emotionally, what can we do to reset and re-balance?

We need a combination of both stillness and movement. Try journaling, meditation, breath work and restorative yoga to help you get quiet, to reflect and replenish. Opt for gentle walks or a light-hearted jog in nature and some inspiring yoga to stimulate creativity, boost your mood and lift your spirits. It’s also about time with loved ones so we feel well connected and supported. The feeling of ‘we’re in it together’ is very galvanising.

My top tip for anyone wanting to get fit, physically and mentally, in 2017:

Focus on self-care, daily nourishment, and you will see yourself blossom. Make your health and wellbeing a genuine, active priority, give it the time and energy it deserves and you will achieve change. If it’s something you just think about without taking regular action, nothing will change. You have to do something every day that helps you move towards the person you want to become.

The top tip is to make sustainable lifestyle change – things that you can maintain for the rest of your days. If you make sweeping changes you can only keep up for a short period of time, your great results will also be fleeting… (more…)

How to make your resolutions work

How did you go with your resolutions last year? Did you tell others about them? Did you break them down into sub goals? Did you keep checking in with them? Did you brainstorm potential obstacles and strategies to overcome them? Did you celebrate your wins? Did you take action?

What might you do differently in 2014? Remember, if you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always got.

Top 5 tips to making effective resolutions.

If you are going to set resolutions for 2014, and research shows that people who set  goals are more likely to achieve them, then these are the best types of goals to formulate:

  1. Intrinsic (personally rewarding to you, not what others want for you),
  2. Authentic (resonate with your values, interests and personality),
  3. ‘Approach’ rather than ‘avoid’,
  4. Harmonious with each other,
  5. Reasonable and flexible.

Got any resolutions you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them!

A happy new years resolution for you!

We’re just days away from a brand new year, here’s a resolution to consider: commit to boosting your positive emotions on a daily basis.

Why? Research has shown that when we’re happy, we tend to make better decisions and function more effectively. In my experience, when I’m happy, poor habits tend to drop away naturally.

So – toss resolutions like ‘lose weight’ out the window and focus on doing something that makes you happy every day! Sounds good?

How to make GOALS that actually work for you:

We’re one month in to 2013 so now is a great time to revisit the intentions you set at the beginning of the year. If you haven’t set any yet, it’s not too late!

There are many benefits of goal setting – they help structure and shape your day, focus your attention and drive, give you a sense of meaning and purpose, develop time management and organisation skills and can also allow us to cope better with problems in times of crisis.

Read on for tips on the most effective goal setting techniques…