Would you like to feel more positive? Take a gratitude walk in Berkhamsted

Today I took a gratitude walk, committing to dwelling in the moment and giving thanks for my blessings, not getting lost in rumination. I saw wide open fields reminding me of the rich potential of life and glorious blossom symbolising the rebirth of spring. I searched for butterflies, feeling my dad’s presence. I sat and listened to songbirds in a meadow, reminding me of the value of pausing to savour something lifegiving. Such a potent mood booster. Feeling low? Take some time to fill yourself back up. Let gratitude and Nature work their magic. Lots of love, Suz xx

How to beat a bad mood:

Welcome to week 4 of my 8 weeks to a better bodymind challenge!

I woke up this morning in what can only be described as a bad mood… perfect timing for week 4 of my ‘8 weeks to a better bodymind challenge’.

This week is all about boosting happiness!

Amazing that just after thinking and talking about happiness in my new video blog, I feel my spirits have definitely been lifted. That’s how I know this stuff works! Take a peek here and try it out yourself. It will be 90 seconds well spent.

Have  a great day!

Suz xx

Characteristics of Happy Families

In my reading today I came across a great snippet of recent research from the field of positive psychology into the characteristics of happy families. I hope you might also find it interesting. It’s inspired me to make some changes – perhaps it might get you thinking too? (more…)

Fill your cup with GRATITUDE

On this Easter long weekend we are given the perfect opportunity to stop and reflect on the blessings in our life and to express thanks with our loved ones.

Recent research in the field of positive psychology has shown that of all the happiness boosting strategies, cultivating gratitude is one of the most effective.

Let’s take a look at what it is, why we should practise it, and specific exercises to develop it.


How to BANISH overthinking

What is overthinking? We’ve all been there: our thoughts like a hamster on a wheel, running round and round frantically, getting nowhere. Overthinking is thinking too much, consider it as self-focused rumination.

Lyubomirsky* defines it as “thinking needlessly, passively, endlessly and excessively pondering the meanings, causes and consequences of your character, your feelings and your problems”. When we are down, many of us believe that we need to focus our attention inwardly on our feelings and circumstances to find the solutions that might resolve our troubles.

What research is now showing is that quite to the contrary, overthinking causes a cascading of unhelpful effects. Ruminating on our problems and feelings doesn’t normally lead to clarity and insight – it is more likely to lead to distorted, pessimistic thinking and the amplification and prolonging of sadness. It is this combination of rumination with negative mood that can be so toxic.

So in order to boost our happiness and wellbeing we need to know how to shake off overthinking, and to reinterpret and shape negative thoughts into neutral or optimistic ones. Happy people tend to have a greater capacity to absorb themselves in more life-giving activities that distract them from negative, anxious overthinking.

Let’s now take a closer look at those strategies that shake off overthinking and shift your mood so you can be more creative and productive in your problem solving. (more…)