Reclaim your vitality! Nurture your physical body.

7 weeks in and I am a new woman. Self-care is not selfish! Your vitality boosting tip for today is: take care of some ‘personal’ incompletions.

It’s ok to nurture your physical body! Invest some time in a bit of grooming and feel how it lifts your self-esteem. Book in for a haircut. Take care of your toes. Ladies – if your body has changed over the last 8 weeks or if you just haven’t done so for a while, get measured and invest in a new bra.

Notice any niggling physical aches and pains? Take action and check in with your GP/physio/osteo/whoever! Living with discomfort can make us grumpy and drain our patience.

Give yourself permission to address these incompletions and reclaim your vitality. Let these actions be an affirmation of self-worth and imbue them with a sense of gratitude for the great gift your physical body is!

Coping Strategy #4: Beat Self-Doubt.

We all have a niggling voice of self-doubt. Coping better is all about learning how to keep moving forwards regardless of what’s bouncing around in your head.

Use this mantra to get out of your own way:

“I am already enough. I am already whole. I am already perfect. Every living being is already whole, perfect and complete – it was given freely to me with my miraculous creation.”

Day 14: I feel better about myself!

I’m amazed at what you can achieve by setting a simple intention. That’s what this 8 weeks to a better bodymind challenge is all about – setting the intention to take action and make your wellbeing a genuine priority.

It is all about reclaiming your vitality.

So we’re two weeks in! With some simple and painless changes to my nutrition and exercise patterns I am really seeing some tangible change. Simply put – I feel better about myself. I feel more energetic, clear headed, creative and upbeat. I am actually looking forward to trying on that measuring outfit again!

For those joining me in this challenge – how are you feeling? What’s worked for you this week and what needs more attention next week? Is there anything you can refine further? Write down what you commit to doing next week and don’t forget to celebrate this week’s wins!

Tune in tomorrow for my video blog on the Psychology of Exercise and check in daily for my strategies on how to make the commitment to movement.

Lots of love,

Suz xx

It’s time to make peace with your self-doubt

Do any of these sound familiar?

“I’m not good enough”

“I don’t know enough”

 “I’m not strong enough”

The list goes on… What is the statement that rears its head for you? We all have at least one, one niggly refrain that voices itself every so often, or perhaps a lot of the time. I think it is a very normal, human thing to have sentences like these that float in and out of our minds. In case you’re wondering, mine is the ‘I don’t know enough’ one…

What I am learning is that I don’t necessarily have to silence these statements, or stamp them out for good; I can make peace with them and learn to greet them with a smile and still get on with doing what needs to be done. Something along the lines of “feel the fear and do it anyway”.

What I want to talk about today goes right to the heart of all these “I am not enough” statements. I want to share it with you in the hope that it can start to ameliorate the potency of your particular phrase.

This is what I want you to know, not just on an intellectual basis but a cellular basis – by that I mean I want it to sink into every cell and fibre of your being!  I want you to sit with these words, drink them in, repeat them internally, out loud if that suits, and let them truly percolate: (more…)

How to get HAPPY!

Last week we took a look at the research findings on the characteristics shared by happy individuals. These are: optimism, self-confidence, extraversion and self-efficacy.

For suggestions on how to build optimism check out my article on dealing with setbacks. For a proven and very simple technique to develop your self-confidence, please read my article about self-talk. To boost extraversion and the enjoyment you gain from your relationships I recommend you read my article on building positive relationships.

Let’s now turn our attention to self-efficacy: a definition and tools to cultivate it. (more…)