Neom Stress Audit: How We Can Beat Stress

The Neom Organics stress audit results are in and it is pretty staggering. A whopping big 9 out of 10 women in the UK are stressed, with 36% agreeing that they were stressed every day. On an encouraging note over half of respondents state that taking time to look after their health and wellbeing is a priority. Hooray! People are finally giving themselves permission to put self-care on the agenda. However, it seems we have a way to go before this is a daily occurrence, with 49% of women feeling they don’t have enough time to look after themselves.

Why can’t we ignore stress?

  • Stress isn’t going to go away – it is a normal part of everyday life. In fact life would be pretty boring without some stress to keep us on our toes, evolving and growing. It’s no good saying “I’ll be happy when…” The day when there is no stress is the day we are pushing up daisies. We need to get on with reclaiming our vitality now.
  • Stress has a cumulative effect. Putting out heads in the sand and attempting to deal with it later wreaks havoc with our health and takes a toll on our relationships, work life and family life.
  • Too much stress is dangerous. Stress lies at the heart of myriad of physical and mental health conditions. Quite simply the evidence is overwhelming that too much stress (either in intensity or in duration) makes us fat and ill. We just can’t afford to be complacent about our stress levels. It goes beyond our health and wellbeing – too much stress greatly diminishes our ability to enjoy life and can put the kibosh on happiness. We have to take action now.

Significantly, the audit revealed the greatest antidote to feeling stressed was ‘more time’… now what if I told you that you actually don’t need more time to destress?! Sounds good? It is totally do-able without requiring any more time in your day. It’s about doing those everyday things with a different focus, a different perspective, a fresh pair of eyes. Here’s how… (more…)

Walk and Talk – a New Approach to Psychology in Berkhamsted

Get your body moving while we sort out what’s on your mind!

As a qualified psychologist, yoga teacher and personal trainer, the idea of blending the three disciplines into a “walk and talk” format came about very organically. It seems that the rest of psychology is finally catching up! A flurry of research is now drawing attention to the important role the body plays in achieving wellbeing. What better way to revitalise, unwind and gain clarity than by harnessing the therapeutic benefits of nature, exercise and talk therapy!

Walk and Talk, what is it?

Very simply, we head out together somewhere beautiful, take a walk at a pace you feel comfortable with, and we talk about what’s on your mind. If you’re open to it, sometimes we stop and do a yoga pose or two that is connected with what we are talking about. The body plays an important role in how we feel, our energy levels and also in how we go about creating change. Specific exercises or yoga poses can help us with these goals. We achieve the same things you would normally do by sitting and talking things out, but with the added benefits of exercise and the uplifting effect of being in Nature – more bang for your buck. If you want to work on your fitness at the same time, we can push the intensity a little harder. It just comes down to what you want to achieve… (more…)

When to push, when to surrender: the concept of right effort

I haven’t had a night out in 166 days… It’s given me a lot of thinking time! Next week marks the one year anniversary of our return to the UK and the life lesson I’m reflecting on (yup, kicking and screaming again) is the concept of ‘right effort’.

There is much to be grateful for – baby Teddy’s safe arrival and blossoming (the reason for my evening house arrest), Charlotte’s happy adjustment to the UK and school life, beautiful new buddies, and precious time with Dave’s family… and yet there is also some serious unfinished business. It’s not for lack of trying and that’s where the lessons have come hard and fast.

There has been a lot of trying, a lot of what I call ‘efforting’. What I’m learning is that sometimes, regardless of great intent, preparation and diligence, the things we really need don’t come off when we want them to. It’s just life. The art is in learning when to push and when to surrender… (more…)

What’s your WHY?

2014 – A year of digging deep and the stuff that got me through.

You could say we bit off more than we could chew last year, but you have to respond to life as it evolves and things don’t always occur at an opportune moment. We made bold decisions and big moves and despite our optimism, it was like wading through treacle from start to finish. Would I make the same decisions again? In a heartbeat, yes! There’s nothing more precious than time with a loved one, or a loved one meeting their grandchild, or seeing your partner flourish, but it hasn’t been easy and there have been many lessons learnt… (more…)

You are safe, you are loved, you are held.

“You are safe, you are loved, you are held.” These were the words that came to me during my yoga today. As my hands purposefully cradled my abdomen I found myself repeating them to my unborn child.

I found a deep sense of peace in that connection and it struck me those words were also a great solace to me now, as an adult. Regardless of age or stage of life, this is what all human beings need to feel in order to flourish: that we are safe, we are loved and we are held.

I also came to realise that as an adult, I need to be able to extend these gifts to myself. The greatest challenges I have faced in this life, thus far – the birth of my first child, the long drawn out loss of my father to motor neurone disease and more recently, this leap of faith moving countries, have all honed this lesson: that in life we must learn to parent ourselves… (more…)