Inspiration for a Happy New Year!

Inspiration for a Happy New Year!

Getting set for 2017!

The New Year can be a tricky time emotionally, what can we do to reset and re-balance?

We need a combination of both stillness and movement. Try journaling, meditation, breath work and restorative yoga to help you get quiet, to reflect and replenish. Opt for gentle walks or a light-hearted jog in nature and some inspiring yoga to stimulate creativity, boost your mood and lift your spirits. It’s also about time with loved ones so we feel well connected and supported. The feeling of ‘we’re in it together’ is very galvanising.

My top tip for anyone wanting to get fit, physically and mentally, in 2017:

Focus on self-care, daily nourishment, and you will see yourself blossom. Make your health and wellbeing a genuine, active priority, give it the time and energy it deserves and you will achieve change. If it’s something you just think about without taking regular action, nothing will change. You have to do something every day that helps you move towards the person you want to become.

The top tip is to make sustainable lifestyle change – things that you can maintain for the rest of your days. If you make sweeping changes you can only keep up for a short period of time, your great results will also be fleeting… (more…)

6 steps to get you back into the FLOW


Are you in the flow of life or are you struggling against the tide?

Being in the flow of life… that feeling you get when the universe conspires to help you do what you have your heart set on.

Or are you feeling a bit stuck… the sense that you are being thwarted, by life or by yourself, despite your best intentions.

How can we get back into the flow? (more…)

Step One of Living a Purposeful Life

In the last few weeks I have spoken a great deal about living a purposeful and meaningful life – a life that is shaped and guided by our values.

Let’s dig a little deeper today and examine what values are and three ways to identify yours.

What are values?

Values lie at the very heart of personal meaning and purpose. They are defined by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as “verbally constructed, global, desired and chosen life directions.”* Values are not goals, they are the guiding principles which shape and define our lives. You can think of values as a direction, with no end point, whereas you can think of goals as something that can be finished, checked off, or accomplished. We set goals in service of our values.

Values tap into what really matters to us as individuals, and what we perceive as a well-lived life to look like. You’ll know if you’ve tapped into a value because talking about it, thinking about, and acting in service of it will ignite in you a powerful feeling of vitality, energy and inspiration. Our values have the potential to light us up and wake us up… (more…)

What’s on your “Golden” bucket list?

I went to a fabulous workshop last weekend on a method of counselling called “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy”.  I have come away with a real clarity on my life values and what I want to achieve in this lifetime.

In the days following this course I have found a tangible feeling of peace by making sure that my thoughts and actions resonate with my values and help me to move closer to my aspirations.

This experience has inspired me to write this week about making a “golden” bucket list. Read on to find out what’s so special about it and for tips on how to write yours.